Instructions for use Hondrogel

Hondrogel - gel sachets for joint diseases prevention and rescue work. For outdoor use. 10 is for the sole use separate packages in a kit. A unique cooling effect. Country-manufacturer - Latvia. To apply for permission was made.

Statement Hondrogel - general information and features

Pharmacological action: the problem is in the area of joint swelling and inflammation, prevention of complications, and infection after mechanical damage, joints, prevention and treatment of joint diseases. Additionally, the application of tension relief gel, pain Nov for efficient emergency, acute joint pain in lower back.

Healing gel features: plug and play, pain, and Dec clamps, refreshes, removes the damaged bone and cartilage, swelling and inflammation of the joints, normalizes amount of synovial fluid, helps reduce degenerative joint curvature, antiseptic effect.

Indications Hondrogel: inflammatory and degenerative diseases, Nov-the skeletal system bursitis, sciatica, low back pain, gout, synovitis, osteoporosis, sciatica, fever, all kinds of rheumatism, arthritis and osteoarthritis, pain, and exercise, joint pain, myalgia, trauma, Nov, and tendons.

Current composition: hyaluronic acid, collagen, is methylsulfonylmethane, chondroitin and glucosamine.

Natural active ingredients: extract, chamomile flower, arnica montana extract, Indian frankincense, the root of evil essence, essential oil, peppermint and eucalyptus, hair oil, menthol, shark oil.

Shelf life Hondrogel: 24 months, store in the line of children at a temperature from 5 to 22 degrees.

Dosage form description: gel transparent, colorless with a characteristic odor.

Contraindications: as part of a single component of creation to the age of 18 years, pregnancy and breast feeding, wound and skin damage in the area of gel application.

How it is used - the duration of the application and dosage

instructions on how to use gel joint pain recovery and Hondoroglu

Is important to know, back and joint pain relief gel Hondrogel effectively only when used properly.

To remove, out of the blue, or pain aggravated enough disposable. Apply the gel in circular motions and then thoroughly rub the aching approximately 1 cm layer of plot until it is completely absorbed into the skin. Myself and the result is a long wait time. The gel is applied pain already to fall after the process, the end - almost disappears.

In this case, it is necessary to eliminate the infection correct stop the progression of chronic disease and infection, repair damaged cartilage or bone, joint, Hondrogel the course necessarily use. At least a standard course - this gel application twice a day, morning and evening, throughout the night continuously for 5 days. Increasing the allowable dose 3-4 times a day and an ongoing course, a month or so.

Known as required to eliminate the first symptoms of joint disease in any patient is not installed or approved, it is recommended to use Hondrogel 10 days and more, every night.